Business Women


Opening Questions:

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Firstly, are there 100 entrepreneurial business women in a nation? Are they currently doing between USDS$10-$100 million or more in annual turnover?

Secondly, are they progressing fast enough and acquiring the new global age tactical skills that will enable them to become smart players for the new world stage? Are they ready to become world-class champions and quadruple their businesses and achieve the image supremacy of innovative excellence? Are they ready to shine in today’s global world?

As new technologies quickly emerge, new trading platforms appear even faster. The business women entrepreneurs in any nation are surrounded with amazing new opportunities and should keep pace and start gaining national and global attention. A new world for creating national and global presence, alliances, and attracting new investments, increasing media profiles and getting attention to untapped billions of customers all out there waiting for action.

ENTREPRENEURINA 100  – By invitation only:   This gathering of a selected 100 entrepreneurial business women of the nation is invited to hone and showcase their thoughts. Leadership is all about creating new and organized opportunities for expansion with global age trading opportunities on new world stage. This engagement will also greatly assist the overall progress of enterprises owned by entrepreneurial business women intertwined with the hidden talents and emerging potentials across the country.

EXPOTHON focuses on business women and introduces quadrability training

Why quadrability training?  Why four times the power?  Why four times the profitability? Modern day business women leaders must be fully conversant in such matters as new global age demands and it is essential that women take strong business leadership roles.They must think and execute simultaneously in four dimensional formations. The beauty of this is that the new pragmatic dimensions of quadrability formation can easily assist in achieving four times the results, four times the profitability, and assist these women leaders in attaining enormous success.

Quadrability training will answer these challenges:  How to deploy ‘soft power asset management’ and create four times the profitability?  How to create ‘extreme value creation’ in order to add four times the competitive advantages?  How to achieve ‘extreme image generation’ creating four times the needed visibility?  How to mobilize ‘auto-multi-nationalization’ in order to open four times newer global markets?

A new dawn for business global age thinking women is opening new collaborative markets all over the world.

For 2018, Expothon is exploring few major cities for a full five-day intense combative training program exclusively for women entrepreneurs only and such training programs delivered by all female faculty and experts landing in the city and creating a national women entrepreneurial buzz.