QUADRABILITY: The Four-Dimensional Thinking…

Quadrability Programs are designed to train management for four-dimensional thinking; resulting in four times the productivity and four times the profitability. Due to higher, advanced level learning and the customize able nature of these programs, the Octara Team is happy to discuss your special needs and requirements and present you with targeted plans, budgets and timelines accompanied with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We will work together to strategically align our resources and expertise with your goals.

Our major Quadrability Program is being offered as a custom ‘internal company-wide senior management exercise’ to leading organizations across the nation Kindly review in detail and call us any time to discuss your custom transformation. The corporate programs are available from November 2018.

Corporate stagnation, uncertainty and a lack of profitability are often symptoms of a weak company vision. The corporate axis has been thrown off balance and profitability and productivity suffer as a result. Remember, vision often drifts towards illusion, and if not harnessed turns into hallucination.

The absence of growth, no immediate solutions and losses with bottomless pits and are living proof of such conditions. Anywhere, in the world, vision is the ultimate driving force of any organization.

With so many options in manufacturing to measure production, performance and pricing, but for the boardrooms there is a critical lack of methodology to asses, harness and work with vision and its deployment strategies.

The need to crystallize vision to ensure clarity and the transparency to influence an entire organization is really magic. In today’s complex world, leadership must be prepared for out of body experiences otherwise traditional paths to success will lead to an early demise.

“When is a vision not an illusion?”
A process to prove otherwise, with step-by step testing methodologies.

Why is this a hot topic at Octara? What we are doing for corporate leadership and why do we guarantee dramatic results within 48 hours? Now all is explained in a 60-minute special video broadcast at Octara.com. Your teams can share and explore these cutting-edge issues on these time sensitive topics. There are no costs or obligations, this is just a high caliber real time power-play for the real leaders of tomorrow.

We look forward to sharing some cutting-edge thought leadership on organizational ideas.

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